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ОткудаРоссия, Санкт-Петербург
Vladimir Mikhaylutsa,
Born in 1957 (Dubna, Moscow region). Education: Mukhina Art College in Leningrad; lives and works in St Petersburg. Photo-artist, graphic, media-artist, specializing in experimental and fine art photography.
Member The Union of Artists of Russia (2005).
Founder and chairman of St Petersburg Luminographic Society (2007).
Member of the "TUT-I-TAM" group, took part in exhibitions staged by the "YA" group of artists.
Award winner at the "Art of Conserving Energy" competition (2007).
Since 1990 has entered for over twenty Petersburg and international exhibitions and competitions, including the "Eleventh Exhibition of the Association of Experimental Fine Art", exhibition hall at Okhta, 1990; the "Two Persons from Pieter" Exhibition at the City exhibition at the Riga Museum, Latvia, 1991; the "Video-Organism Promotion Exhibition" at the 10 Puskinskaya art centre, 1993; "Grad, Gorod, City" Exhibition ("Град, город, city") at the Russian Centre of Science and Technology in Vienna, Austria, 2005; "ARTINDEX. Photographers ‘05", Vyborg Castle State Museum; "ARTINDEX. Photographers ‘06", Museum of History of St Petersburg, 2006; International Biennale of Graphics "IBG-2006" , Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 2006 (SPb). "Adventures of the Black Square" Exhibition at the Russian Museum, St Petersburg, 2007; St Petersburg and the International Festival of Experimental Art at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 2008-2014; "I, II and III Biennale of Photography" (the State Russian Museum, the Marble Palace, 2009, 2012 and 2014; exhibitions of experimental photography staged by the Luminographic Society of St Petersburg (The State Museum of City Sculpture, 2008; Maly Hall of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 2009, 2012, 2013; "The Light Painting World Exhibition" at the International Exhibition of Light Painting World Alliance at the Central House of Artists at Krymsky Val, Moscow, 2012; "The Winter Petersburg" Exhibition at the Russian National Cultural Centre in Budapest, Hungary, 2012; "Elements of Nature" and "My Fukushima" Exhibitions at Munich, Germany, 2014 and others.
Solo exhibitions of fine art and experimental photography were staged at the Brodsky Memorial Museum ("For All Times", 2005; "Digital Tower of Gryphons", 2009), at the Borey Art Gallery ("Luminography", 2007) and at the Museum of the History of Vocational Education ("Antiworlds", 2012).
His works belong to the collections of the Russian State Museum, the Novosibirsk State Museum and to private collections in Russia and abroad.
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